White Label DSP

Your Brand. Your Look. Your Feel

Create BidMind by Nkmobiles Demand Side Platform that is uniquely yours, from brand identity to link formation to tailored settings according to the preferences and requirements of your company.

BidMind empowers you with the white label advertising platform solution to set up your customized platform where you employ industry-leading ad serving features.

White Label CTV Advertising platform by Nkmobiles can become your brand's driving force to reach it`s full potential in еру competitive world of CTV advertising.

White Label
CTV Advertising Platform

Set Up Your White Label Advertising Platform

Get your hands on the effective tool that allows you to set up your white label DSP and enjoy the benefits of a fully customized video ad platform
Give your clients self-serve access, as well as view-only accounts on white label DSP by BidMind.

Self-Serve Advertising Platform

With white label advertising DSP by BidMind, companies get to create URLs with their unique specifications and the corporate logo.

Tailor-Made URL

Make your white label self-serve advertising platform look consistent with your corporate branding up to the color selections.

Color Scheme

View extensive reports by API in real-time or access them conveniently in your dashboard.

Reporting in Real-time

Define the Terms and Conditions under which your ad management platform operates according to the unique characteristics of your business.

Customized Terms and Condition

Enjoy high personalization of the digital advertising platform, as well as the interface, autonomous campaign approval, and custom pixels..

Individual Set Up

Our team of professionals offers you their expertise in order to help you with any issues of various complexity.

Fullest Support

Get seamless performance on the powerful DSP by utilizing the tools that drive your ad management platform forward.

Reliable Solutions

Burning Issues Solved

Tackle the industry's pressing challenges such as lack of ad buying infrastructure, the costliness of projects built from the ground up, and waste of valuable resources on inefficiency.

Build your While Label DSP with BidMind and design your user-friendly interface, segment audiences appropriately, and receive the solutions in a timely manner.
Build Your Digital Advertising Platform
with BidMind by Nkmobiles

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