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Agencies, brands, and media buyers have full control of their ad campaigns via BidMind's self-serve DSP
Pioneering Ad Buying Technology for Future-Shaping CTV&OTT Inventory
Millennials and Gen Z have been abandoning linear TV to stream their favorite video content over-the-top. Gen Alpha will continue this trend in the coming years. There's no time to hesitate, brands need to adapt and embrace this shift in the market. Start running your CTV&OTT campaign today while competitors are still trying to navigate the new normal of connected TV advertising.

In today's information-driven society, the world is driven by those who possess data. In order to create an effective media buying strategy you will need to use customer insights. Use BidMind's top personas and look-a-like modelling to identify these customers and ensure your ads are displayed in front of the right audience.

Employ our cutting edge DSP to increase your brand awareness and boost conversion rates.

Grow Your CTV&OTT Audiences

Long gone are the days when the media buying rules were dictated by people you never met. New video demand-side platforms establish new rules.

Enjoy more freedom with BidMind by Nkmobiles DSP. Employ innovative self serve demand-side platform advertising techniques for media buying on CTV&OTT only according to your marketing objectives, business scale, and budgets.

Highly customized tools give you the freedom to test hypotheses, devise your marketing strategies, and optimize self-serve media buying the way you (and only you) choose to.

Choose Your Terms, Pace, and Scale

Achieving outstanding results with real-time bidding is now even easier if you use custom solutions by BidMind. Boost your performance across the leading programmatic exchanges in real-time.

Don't waste your budgets working with outdated tools. Introduce real-time bidding into your media buying strategy and improve campaign performance, lower cost per acquisition, and reduce media wastage.

Additionally, real-time bidding on the buy-side platform by BidMind brings media-buyers more effective targeting, greater transparency, and accurate attributions.

Real-time Buy-side Advertising Platform

New self-serve ads require new technologies for greater productivity. That is why demand-side platform by BidMind provides powerful machine-learning algorithms that efficiently optimize publisher devices, OS, and creatives in real time.

Media buyers gain deep insights in a matter of clicks thanks to powerful AI algorithms. By analyzing previous campaigns as well as the results of similar advertisers, BidMind predicts the success rate for the newly created campaigns.

Make sure every dollar spent is bringing the maximum profit with this innovative technology. By viewing the potential performance, marketers make better-informed decisions.

Machine-learning algorithms

Be certain you enjoy the best media buying experience. From reporting to machine-learning algorithms, we're striving to guarantee that your CTV ad placement workflow is exceptional. Take a look at the comparison of BindMind by Nkmobiles with the main competitors, TheTradeDesk and Simpli.fi, to check out alternatives and what you receive on each platform.

BidMind by Nkmobiles vs Competitors

Reliable and Successful Partnership with BidMind by Nkmobiles

BidMind provides you with the best tools from the trusted anti-fraud services, as well as delivers your advertising messages only with trustworthy high-quality video content producers. This guarantees that not a single cent is spent on fraudulent traffic and leaves no place for concerns about your brand's safety.

Brand Safety and Protection

With BidMind, you get a fully automated workflow for successful media buying the demand side platform. Gain more profit while spending minimum budgets by using a dynamic bid optimization that increases engagement.

Effective Return on Investment

On BidMind, creatives, messages, and objectives can be customized according to the channels, devices, and audiences. This offers an enabling environment for advertisers to create consistent campaigns and regularly reach out to their prospects for better brand awareness and higher conversion rates.

Cross-platform Reach

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