Mobile Advertising Platform

With more exciting features that constantly appear in mobile devices, phone checking time soared up to nearly 5 hours daily. Phones are where the audiences gather, and what advertisers are channeling their marketing efforts into.

Data-Driven. Result Oriented
Mobile ads are becoming safe bets for an overwhelming number of advertisers. People's high engagement with their phones drives more and more money into mobile digital advertising.
In 2 years, the total mobile ad spends will surpass 280 billion dollars.

Mobile DSP on BidMind by Nkmobiles

BidMind equips businesses with innovative advertising approaches that deliver high-performing mobile ads and provide companies with precise segmentation tools and insightful reports.

Meet your business objectives by employing the best practices for mobile advertising.

BidMind's commitment is to help brands and media buyers grow their businesses by creating an effective mobile ad serving platform. Here, companies access expert strategy and deep market researches that empower them to significantly improve engagement rate.

Drive Your Business Forward with innovative Ads

Boost the efficiency of your marketing strategy by introducing mobile advertising with BidMind. With our self-serve mobile platform, media buyers and marketing agencies establish direct control and complete transparency while collaborating with top publishers.

BidMind provides advertisers with tools for real-time bidding, traffic of exceptional quality and the wealth of ad formats. And the precise targeting enabled by GEO, OS, IP, and more broadens the scope of brands in the world of the increasing number of data regulations.

High-Converting Ad Formats

Use a large selection of ad formats that work best to showcase your company and persuade your audiences to engage.
People's loved format that works for every type of business
Proven way to grab viewers attention and secure high performance
Upcycle the existing creatives and ensure your CPC campaigns success
Best value from money coupled with seamless user experience

Why Run Mobile Digital Advertising with BidMind by Nkmobiles

Top-performing Lookalike Audiences.

Achieve better results and grow larger audiences by using proprietary lookalike modeling.

Mobile Personas

Urban dwellers, sports fans, shoppers and other types of users become your focus groups with ready-built personas.

Goals Orientation

Set clear objectives of your campaigns from user acquisition and brand awareness to cross-device retargeting, cross-promotion, and app re-engagement.

Premium Inventory

By trusting your ad-buying to BidMind, you access top publishers, high impact ad formats with exceptional success rate.

Safety Assurance

The leading-edge anti-fraud solutions guard your budgets against invalid traffic and scamming practices..

Self-Serve DSP management

Exercise unconditional control over every step of your mobile media buying with sophisticated tools and easy-to-use interface on our mobile demand side platform.
Your creatives are one of the most important parts of your digital advertising strategy. With BidMind, you have a team of professionals with years of experience that create engaging creatives for promoting your services and products. From a new app overview video to an app store badge, we've got you covered with all types of visuals needed for your brand's success.

Your Gains with Creatives by BidMind:

Ads Loved by Your Audiences

Speed to market

Instant A/B testing

Optimized messaging and visuals

Free professional creatives

Drive More Transactions with BidMind by Nkmobiles
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