Connected TV (CTV) Advertising

As an agile marketer, you use wealth instruments to make sure the pool of your customers is growing. You ensure growing brand awareness, exposure to relevant audiences and constantly look for innovative tools that deliver your messages to new users across platforms.
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Now, it's time to spread your ads on the contemporary media that gathers users prone to purchasing online. Bring your marketing to the new level by advertising your business with OTT digital advertising.

What are CTV&OTT?

Over the top (OTT) is a way of delivering video content bypassing the traditionally closed television system. Users(especially those of younger generations) enjoy OTT mainly because they don't need to pay cable and satellite service providers for the content streamed using the internet.

What does OTT mean?

Connected TV is the television device that is used for streaming video content over the top. One of the most popular ways to do so is to stream the video through the apps previously downloaded on a TV or a compatible device. The major benefit of CTV advertising is that companies can air their ads on TV without having to deal with stiff broadcasting channels and their through the roof prices.

What does CTV mean?

Reasons to Tap into Connected TV Ads

Where's the audience, there's advertising. The nimblest of marketers quickly uncovered the commercial potential of over the top advertising and utilized it for their benefit.
And so should you.

There are three main benefits that brands reap from CTV ads:
Since ads are delivered on premium networks together with high-quality content, this type of brand promotion is completely safe for brands, unlike promotion on other internet platforms.

Brand safety

The interface of the platforms streaming content over the top creates the enabling environment for ad videos to be watched until the end.

98% Completion Rate

Using the unique capabilities users can access metrics that are important in both traditional and digital marketing approaches.

Precise Measurability

Users see ad messages in full-screen which means there's no way for an ad to be overlooked and unnoticed.
Excelling viewability
CTV&OTT users usually provide their personal data when creating their profiles. As a result, platforms offer the most interesting content, as well as ads of the most relevant brands.

Exceptional Targeting

Millennials were the first who paved the way to alluring features of the streaming platforms, and now Gen Zers are overwhelmingly choosing the streaming services over the cable and satellites. It is evident that the generation Alpha will enhance the trend even more.

Ever-increasing Audience

CTV Advertising Run Right on BidMind OTT Advertising Platform

You can try to test the waters of Connected TV inventory advertising by yourself and find the tools, tricks, and practices that work best for you. Or you can save your budget spent on marketing mistakes and guarantee the efficiency of your campaigns with BidMind.
Join the CTV video advertising trend that is reinventing the content consumption and redefining the advertising industry

It Takes 5 Steps to Run CTV Advertising Campaigns with BidMind

Upload your creatives onto the platform. If you don't have the most-compelling creatives, our team of professionals will design them for you for free.

Create your own block from scratch

Choose people that will find your products or services relevant to their needs using first and third party data.


Make your ads accessible on different devices to expand the reach of your commercial messages.


Optimize your ad spent according to the objectives, budgets, and duration.


See extensive reports about your campaigns to view such metrics as visitors, page visits, creative performance and more.


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