CTV Video Advertising Formats

A Broad Set of Advertising Formats to Scale Up Your Marketing Performance

Types of Connected TV Advertising Formats

By becoming an advertiser on BidMind, you're equipped with the industry's most effective advertisement types

In-Stream Ads

Create a TV-like experience with in-stream video advertising and offer viewers short memorable promotional messages at different stages of viewing, depending on your goals.
Pre-roll video ads
  • displayed before the main piece of content
  • the most memorized ad
  • results in growing sales, as well as brand awareness
Mid-roll video ads
  • displayed during the main content
  • TV-like user experience
  • viewers don't feel reluctant to mid-rolls
Post-roll video ads
  • displayed after the main content
  • least distracting as they don't affect a user's viewing experience
  • viewers are most likely to take the desired action after watching a post-roll ad
Pause video ads
This type is gaining more popularity among marketers that use in-stream ads. Pause advertising ensures a high view rate for it is displayed when the viewers' eyes are on the screen and they are paying close attention to the message in it.

Such commercials don't compete for attention with other devices or types of content, therefore the requirements for the creatives are lower compared to other types of advertisement.

The Most Effective Video Advertising Format

of buyers order a product after seeing a video ad

Now it's Video Content that is King. No matter whether it's a social network or a MOOC, this is the most beloved type of content on these media. So, it's natural that the favored type of ads among the users is video, too. And it is especially true for connected TV platforms.

of advertisers find video commercials the driving force behind effective marketing
times more efficiency of videos compared to banners

Perks of Various Types
of CTV Ads

Having multiple video formats at their disposal, marketers significantly improve the performance of their campaigns. By selecting a specific format for each unique campaign, brands fine-tune the audience's reactions, customize engagements, and deliver tailor-made messages to various audiences globally.
Digital marketing has always been offering the most attractive customization. CTV is taking it to a new level. With a wide range of formats, digital promotion takes only 3 simple steps:

Identify objective


Select the appropriate format

Measure promotion outcomes

Employ the Best Performing CTV Ads
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